Risa Farm

Let us introduce to you Samson the farm manager and Kwanza the cow. They are both residing on Risa farm on Red Hill, Limuru. Samson and Kwanza have 80 Holstein Frisian friends which are housed in state-of-the-art barns where life is good for them. They love to eat alfalfa and maize so we give them that every day. The farm gives us between 600 and 900 litres of fresh milk every day. This milk is extensively tested on afloxtoxin, bacteria count, and anti-biotics. The best milk is selected to use for our yoghurt.


Milka is the production manager of Molito, the factory where Laki Laki is produced. Suitable name, isn’t it: Milka? Milka is a well trained dairy technologist and works already more than 10 years in the factory. ‘Who knows more about milk than Milka?’ is an often used sentence at Laki Laki. The factory itself is small but hygienic. It can process around 600 litres of yoghurt daily. On the picture you can see how we drain our yoghurt by hanging it out in cheese cloths in the cool store. The whey drips out and we get a thick, creamy yoghurt: real greek yoghurt.