Our Products

Greek-style Yoghurt

  • Thick, full cream yoghurt without sugar and full of prote├»ns
  • Flavours: natural, blueberry and mango-passion
  • Packaging:
    • a tray of 12 pieces in a 100 ml cup
    • 500 ml cup
    • beside above flavours also strawberry and vanilla in 5 litre buckets

Yoghurt Drinks

  • Packaging: 120 ml PET-bottle, 5 Litre jars
  • Flavours: Natural, Vanilla, Strawberry, Goji berry Probiotic
  • Label: standard or customized
  • For breakfast or on-the-go lunch

Protein Drink

Lakilaki Protein Drink comes in a 500ml bottle containing pure 100% natural whey protein. It doubles as

  1. an excellent pre-workout drink meant to boost endurance, support muscle growth and reduce fatigue during work outs and
  2. a refreshing recovery drink that reduces that post-workout soreness.