Our Story

Laki Laki started off in 2012 by Joost Timpers, a dairy lover from Holland. His idea with this catchy brand name? Twofold:

  1. People will never forget the name Laki Laki anymore after tasting it
  2. With Laki Laki a positive impact can be made on the local community

Laki Laki is healthy and delicious, we can guarantee that. The main reason for it is because we use high quality milk that comes from only one farm. And we only use natural ingredients like fruits from Kenya. Our customers love Laki Laki products. You feel lucky if you taste Laki Laki!

Giving back to the most vulnerable people of Kenya has been a passion too for Joost. Since his first visit to Kenya in 2004 Joost is trying to uplift the lives of vulnerable children and people by financing education, small businesses and food and shelter through the Foundation of African Friends. Read more about how Laki Laki gives back to the community on the page Giving Back